Tai-Chi &
"Dr. Ni's practice and seemingly unlimited knowledge of Tai Chi and Martial Arts are miles above all the previous Tai Chi instructors I had before.  His method is effective: My backaches have completely disappeared, my joints feel lubricated, my sense of balance has improved, and I am bursting with energy.  In short: I feel great while having fun at a friendly and nurturing environment." M. Buys, Plano, Texas

"I am one of the oldest novice Tai Chi students in Dr. Ni's class, and originally enrolled to relieve job-related stress and improve my flexibility.  After taking his classes my overall health and sense of well-being have greatly improved.  His classes are a Total Package!" E. Buys, Plano, Texas

"Dr. Wei-Chen Ni is extremely knowledgeable in Kung-Fu, in particular Ba Qua, Tai Chi, Shao-Lin, and Word style.  His knowledge in healing - both from a Kung-Fu perspective and from a science perspective is enormous.  He is able to blend the healing arts and the martial arts in his teaching.  His deep understanding of these martial arts allows him to teach both healing and the martial application easily to his students. This greatly improves the students' understanding of the moves and the theory behind them.  He is also able to share the history from ancient times to bring multiple dimensions into his teaching." R. De La Cruz, Flower Mound, Texas

"From the theory behind the form to the detailed execution of each movement, Master Ni leads me into the gate of Tai Chi.  I look forward to going to Master Ni's Tai Chi class every week." M. Li, Dallas, Texas

"Since July of 2002, I've enjoyed studying Chinese Martial and Health Arts under Dr. Wei-Chen Ni.  The Kung Fu (work-time) skills that I have learned and continue to develop, have helped me rehabilitate some old injuries, improve my mental and physical condition, advance my fighting skills and improve my understanding of the various Chinese cultures.  Dr. Ni not only engages his students with practical 'how to' knowledge but also enriches the experience with tradition, history and poetry.  I have yet to find anyone with as broad an understanding and willingness to perpetuate the arts by openly sharing.  I look forward to continue my education with Dr. Ni and gladly recommend him to anyone who is serious about learning Chinese Martial and Healing Arts." N. Jones, Plano, Texas

"In search of a traditional Kung-Fu school specializing in internal styles, I found Dr. Ni's school located in Plano.  Dr. Ni is a very dedicated master with in-depth skills and authentic knowledge that few can match." D. Nguyen, Dallas, Texas

"Following Dr. Ni is just like an adventure to be unfolded.  Through him I have discovered and improved myself a lot not only in different Kung-Fu styles and techniques but also the understanding of Health Exercises.  My only wish is that I could continue to follow his footstep as long as my time allows." K. Vo, Frisco, Texas