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Master Wei-Chen Ni, PhD, 
Founder of Ni's Tai-Chi and Kung-Fu

Dr. Wei-Chen Ni is a Chinese Martial Arts master, a licensed acupuncturist & herbalist, a professional mathematician and a computer scientist.  He studied Martial Arts under many great traditional Chinese Martial Arts masters of different styles in Taiwan since the age of 12. As a practitioner of various internal and external styles, Dr. Ni has dedicated a good portion of his life to preserving and promoting this precious cultural heritage.  He received numerous awards for distinguished demonstration and performance excellence at Asian, European and international Kung-Fu tournaments, and placed first for Men Black Belt Forms at several American karate invitationals.  He served as an executive of the Hsinchu County Tai-Chi Association, a consultant for the Taiwan Provincial Martial Arts Association, the health exercises/Kung-Fu coach of the Hsinchu Early-Risers Club, and the vice chief instructor of Word Style Kung-Fu.  For over 40 years, Dr. Ni has been sharing his experience and expertise in ancient Chinese health exercises and traditional Chinese Martial Arts with the general public by offering classes at various universities, local recreation centers as well as clubs in work places. Ni's Tai-Chi and Kung-Fu in Richardson, TX, offers classes specializing in forms, techniques, philosophies and theories, including those for health improvement and healing.